Key to Biblical Doctrine

"Anyone who comes to me, I will not reject for any reason whatsoever."
– Jesus (John 6:37)

"Key to Biblical Doctrine" by Jerald L. Brown is sword and shield for the gay Christian.


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Thanksgiving Dinner with Ron and Jerry

Ron and Jerry have hosted Thanksgiving Dinner off and on for over ten years. This year we decided to make it an annual event.

Thanksgiving with Ron and Jerry is for:

  • Those who wouuld otherwise be alone on Thanksgiving
  • Those who cannot afford Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Those who want to fellowship with us

We invite you to join us on Thanksgiving Day. Make a reservation with Jerry.

We Thank Our Benefactors

With heartfelt gratitude we thank our benefactors who made this event possible.

Ron and Jerry could not have done it alone.

Thank You

Thanksgiving at Canter's Deli and Restaurant
Canter's Deli and Restaurant

This year we had nine people attend, one could not make because of sickness, and two are not pictured here. My sincerist apology to those not pictured here.

Ron, Doyne, Keith, Kimiko
Ron, Doyne, Keith, Kimiko
Kimiko, Keith
Kimiko, Keith
Charles, Brian
Charles, Brian

Shalom Sherman and friend serenaded us with his original compositions.
Shalom Sherman

John Allen Harrett closed the dinner with his rendition of "On the Street Where You Live" from My Fair Lady

John Allen Harrett

John singing