Key to Biblical Doctrine

"Anyone who comes to me, I will not reject for any reason whatsoever."
– Jesus (John 6:37)

"Key to Biblical Doctrine" by Jerald L. Brown is sword and shield for the gay Christian.


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In the Christian world, the group that attacks gay and lesbian people the most, and most viciously, are the Evangelicals. They pretend to justify their ungodly hatred by the scripture which they claim is inspired and directly from God. They hold that their interpretation of the Bible to be the one, only, and proper interpretation of “God’s Word.” That is, they believe that God’s word is what they say God’s word is.

Without contradiction of the truth of the Bible, this book – Key to Biblical Doctrine – meets Evangelicals on their own turf, that the Bible is God’s inspired word. And then, scripture by scripture and point by point, the author examines their traditional interpretation of the Bible. He points out how their interpretation falls short of their own standards and actually contradicts the words of Jesus and the apostles.